Get Closer to the Raptors at Allan Brooks Nature Centre

Experience adventure and discovery in grasslands this summer through live, interactive and exciting birds of prey flying demonstrations and hand-on programs presented in partnership with The Raptors.  Raptors have awed humans for thousands of years and it’s easy to understand why – their ferocity, beauty, power, intelligence, and ability to live high above our heads captivates our imagination and triggers curiosity.


Join us for our 15th Annual Gala

The Wine & Wild Things Sparkling Gala and Auction 2016 will be held on Saturday, September 24 under the starlit sky at the breathtaking Sparkling Hill Resort. This unique reception-style event is filled with unexpected “wild” surprises and entertainment. All proceeds will be used to educate our next generation of nature lovers & maintain our reputation as a leader in nature education & promotion  – but we can’t do it without you! VISIT GALA WEBSITE