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Thank you to Flights of Fancy Supporters!

Thank you to all the wonderful ABNC members, supporters, volunteers and staff for another successful Flights of Fancy Dinner and Auction Gala! Special thanks to: Ken Barton, Eleanor Bassett, Janice Buick, Michael Carlson, Aaron Deans, Rod Drennan, Walt Duncan, Rosemary Elberg, Bill Gagne, Janet Gagne, Cherryl Halbert, Dave Higgins, Michelle Jefferson, Vivienne Horne, Don & […]

Stewards of the Future Program

Allan Brooks Nature Centre is proud to be a Partner Organization in the Stewards of the Future Program. This is an exciting province-wide new high-school and youth initiative, introduced by the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, The Stewards of the Future program supports young British Columbians in exploring their own communities, discovering and documenting […]

More than a destination

Did you know that the Allan Brooks Nature Centre… Offers mentorship opportunities and intergenerational connections Is a source for environmental guest speakers and presenters Provides opportunities to develop meaningful volunteer opportunities Offers resources and equipment for projects and field trips.               For more information contact us at 250 260 4227 or [email protected]

Where to hang your bat house

Where To Place Your Bat House Location – In a place that offers some protection from the winds where the entry is unobstructed and out of reach of predators. Don’t erect a house where the approach is obstructed by tree limbs or power lines. Bat houses located on poles have been more successful than those placed on […]