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Super Sleuth Sundays #7

I hunt with a vaccum, My traps bristle with hair, I’m a voracious predator, But you might not know I’m there. This week’s mystery creature is the flat-leaved bladderwort! This nondescript wetland plant is the most sophisticated hunter in the entire plant kingdom. Beneath the waves, the bladderwort has two types of branches;that look a […]

Super Sleuth Sundays #6

I’m a wriggly noodle, With skin loose and sleek, I have a head at both ends, But don’t call me a freak! This week’s Okanagan Organism is the Rubber Boa! Sometimes called the two-headed snake, the rubber boa has a blunt-ended tail that doesn’t taper like most snakes. When threatened, the boa will curl up […]

Super Sleuth Sundays #5

Our boys are pink in the winter, Red at summer’s peak, My mouth is wide and pointed, But the ends don’t quite meet! This week’s mystery creature is the White-winged Crossbill! These little finches can be found in the Okanagan’s pine forests where they happily munch away on up to 3,000 pine cone seeds per […]

Super Sleuth Sundays #4

Descended from spiders with claws like a crab, With delicate pinchers I turn twist and grab. Through many dark night I wander alone, But under black lights I’ll suddenly glow!   If you guessed “Northern Scorpion”, you are correct! This small, sandy scorpion can be found in hot dry areas, including the Okanagan! Like many […]

Super Sleuth Sunday #3

I’m long and I’m furry, Sometimes brown sometimes white. While I look cute and cuddly, I’m fierce and I’ll fight.   This week’s local animal is the Stoat, also known as an ermine or a short-tailed weasel! These little guys weigh in at 180-250 grams, and are only (mm) from tip to tail! Stoats are […]

Super Sleuth Sunday #2

I prance and I dance, I’m quick and I’m sleek, You’d never suspect it, But I also eat meat. This week’s Okanagan Organism is the White-tailed deer! One of two species of deer in the Okanagan, these graceful creatures are best known for their “flagging” display, where the deer raises it’s tail to reveal a […]

Super Sleuth Sunday #1

I’m covered in tentacles sticky and sweet, made for drinking up insect meat. Swamps and bogs are all that I know, I curl up in leaves to avoid the snow. This week’s mystery creature is the round-leaved sundew! This little plant is covered in violently magenta tentacles  that radiate out like the rays of the […]