Fresh AiR Partnership

The Allan Brooks Nature Centre and the Caetani Centre are pleased to partner for another for another great year of visiting artists with a national and international flavor in partnership with the Allan Brooks Nature Centre. Now in it’s third year of operation, both organizations have hosted artists from Japan, Australia, South Africa, the USA, and Canada.

The program combines art and the environment, focusing on bringing awareness to environmental issues by presenting different ways of seeing using innovative and “out of the box” approaches. The goal of the Fresh! AiR program is to encourage artists to approach creativity, exploration and research on habitat conservation in different ways and present the community with new ways of seeing, experiencing and interpreting art and the environment around us.

The residencies consist of a 4 – 6 week stay at the Caetani Centre, and the artist draws upon the ample resources provided by the Allan Brooks Nature Centre, giving visiting artists the opportunity to live and work in the Greater Vernon community, and interacting with local artists and residents.

If you would like to be an artist in residence, check out this link for more information:

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