Get Closer to the Raptors

The Raptors return to Allan Brooks July 18-August 20, 2017! Encounter

Flying Daily – 6 days a week! Tickets are on sale now! 

A thrilling encounter with some of nature’s most amazing predators returns to the Grassland Theatre at Allan Brooks Nature Centre July 18 to August 20. An unforgettable, unique, and educational experience for families and corporate teams alike. 

Raptor Flight Demonstrations are 30 – 40 minutes in length and great for all ages. Watch 4-5 different birds-of-prey fly from you seat in the Grasslands Theatre. Be amazed by their flight behaviours and learn about their importance in our ecosystems. The Grassland Theatre seats 150+ people.
The Raptor Encounter Course is a one-hour experience that gets you a close encounter with some incredible predatory birds. Participants will don the leather falconer’s glove, catch and release a bird, learn about falconry, and get up close and personal with several different birds of prey, including an owl, a hawk and a falcon! 
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The Raptor programs are offered in collaboration with The Raptors of Duncan, BC whose flying demonstrations and interactive programs have long been praised as being a standard for bird care and health.

*Please note: Tickets are available at the door for an additional cost & are based on availability. Cash, Debit & Credit accepted. Full price list at