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The Okanagan Habitat Atlas

The Okanagan Habitat Atlas (OHA) is an interactive mapping tool hosted by the Community Mapping Network (CMN) and UBC-Okanagan. The OHA provides access to map layers of sensitive habitats and species distribution in the Okanagan Basin of BC. Data on the OHA is meant to give the public open access to regional habitat information and to assist land-use planning processes throughout the Okanagan Basin.

Community Nature Oriented Links:

  • Fintry Provincial Park
    Fintry Provincial Park includes 360 hectares of the former Fintry Estate, a heritage site with a colourful history. From the delta area to a forested area made up of ridges and deep slopes, this park offers two dramatically different topographical areas. There is over 2 km of waterfront with surrounding mountains and deep canyons.
  • Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park
    Virtually at the back door of the City of Vernon, this fine example of north Okanagan grassland is dotted with ponderosa pine and groves of Douglas-fir. A variety of animals, bird-life, reptiles and plant-life reside in this mosaic of grassland communities.
  • North Okanagan Parks and Natural Area Trust
    An organization dedicated to preserving the natural areas of the North Okanagan for the enjoyment of present and future generations.
  • Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program
    ABNC ‘works together on conservation in the Okanagan Valley’ as part of the Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program. The OCCP consists of over 35 non-profit, government and private organizations that share resources and expertise to develop, inform and implement effective approaches to conservation planning throughout the Okanagan. To learn more about our collaborative efforts with partners in the OCCP, please visit
  • Vernon Museum
    Greater Vernon Museum & Archives has an exstensive archive of art, photos and information about the Okanagan Valley and its history.
  • Tourism Greater Vernon
    Greater Vernon and the North Okanagan is a four-season playground, offering a wide range of things to see and do for all ages, abilities and energy levels. We have attractions for all ages, individuals, families or couples, rain or shine.

Attraction Links:

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