Birthdays at Allan Brooks

Book a birthday party at Allan Brooks Nature Centre today! Give your child a fun filled day outside that will make their birthday unforgettable! Parties are best suited for children ages 4 to 9.


BIRDS – Use binoculars to search for birds on the grassland trail! Check for owl pellets at our raptor pole and practice different kinds of flight patterns. Get a close look at all the different bird feathers. Learn to recognize some bird calls, and sing them together!

POND- Discover the wildlife that lives in the pond, use dissecting scopes to get a close look at pond life. Play pond-themed games and craft your own salamander puppet!

MARMOTS – Go to “Marmot City” and watch the adorable yellow-bellied marmots play and bask in the sun. Play a marmot game outside and make a craft to take home.

INSECTS – Do a scavenger hunt on the grassland trail. Learn about insects through fun games and activities. Search for these tiny inhabitants, then transform to play a Pollinator Quest game outside.

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