Super Sleuth Sundays #4

Descended from spiders with claws like a crab,

With delicate pinchers I turn twist and grab.

Through many dark night I wander alone,

But under black lights I’ll suddenly glow!


Northern scorpion (Paruroctonus boreus), southern Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

If you guessed “Northern Scorpion”, you are correct! This small, sandy scorpion can be found in hot dry areas, including the Okanagan!

Like many scorpions, the Northern Scorpion is nocturnal, and hunts small insects such as crickets and young grasshoppers. In order to find their prey in the dark, scorpions have incredible sight, and even use their whole body to soak in extra light!

But why do they glow? Well, the short answer is no one knows! There have been many proposed theories, from helping them to find shelter, to attracting insects and even that the chemical responsible is just a byproduct of hardening their skin. Whatever the reason, the glowing is shared by nearly all scorpions!

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