Super Sleuth Sundays #6

I’m a wriggly noodle,

With skin loose and sleek,

I have a head at both ends,

But don’t call me a freak!

This week’s Okanagan Organism is the Rubber Boa!

Sometimes called the two-headed snake, the rubber boa has a blunt-ended tail that doesn’t taper like most snakes. When threatened, the boa will curl up with its head underneath its coils and wave its tail in the air, even striking with it! By keeping it’s true head hidden, the snake protects itself from danger!

But wait! There’s more! The rubber boa will also use it’s blunt tail while hunting. When raiding a mouse nest, the boa will use its hardened tail as a club to keep the mother mouse at bay. This often results in tails covered in mouse bites on otherwise immaculate snakes!

Don’t be afraid of these little noodles though; rubber boas won’t bite a human… instead they’ll spray you with a smelly musk, like a skunk!


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