Super Sleuth Sundays

Can you decode our weekly riddles to discover the featured Okanagan species? Read our mind-bending puzzles below, and click the link to unveil the solution!

  • I hunt with a vaccum, My traps bristle with hair, I’m a voracious predator, But you might not know I’m there. This week’s mystery creature is the flat-leaved ... Who am I?

  • I’m a wriggly noodle, With skin loose and sleek, I have a head at both ends, But don’t call me a freak! This week’s Okanagan Organism is the ... Who am I?

  • Our boys are pink in the winter, Red at summer’s peak, My mouth is wide and pointed, But the ends don’t quite meet! This week’s mystery creature is the White-winged Crossbill! These ... Who am I?

  • Descended from spiders with claws like a crab, With delicate pinchers I turn twist and grab. Through many dark night I wander alone, But under black lights ... Who am I?

  • I’m long and I’m furry, Sometimes brown sometimes white. While I look cute and cuddly, I’m fierce and I’ll fight.   This week’s local animal is the Stoat, also ... Who am I?

  • I prance and I dance, I’m quick and I’m sleek, You’d never suspect it, But I also eat meat. This week’s Okanagan Organism is the White-tailed deer! One ... Who am I?

  • I’m covered in tentacles sticky and sweet, made for drinking up insect meat. Swamps and bogs are all that I know, I curl up in leaves to avoid the snow. This ... Who am I?

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